David Penner Food Photography
shot at ichimura at brushtroke for zagat

David Penner Food Photography


David is available for work as a food photographer!

He can be reached by phone at: 718-721-4995, or by email at:


Call for rates.

Contractual Agreement For All Restaurant Photo Shoots:

a) The client waives the right to sue.

b) The photographer will provide professional quality images on a CD or DVD, which will be mailed out approximately one week after the shoot. Images may be emailed if they are not excessive in number. Expedited editing and shipping can be done at additional expense to the client.

c) The photographer retains the rights to the photos, and may use them on his website.

d) All images the client receives will be edited.

e) Requests for certain aspects of the shoot to be redone may be carried out if time allows, and at additional expense to the clent.

f) The client is responsible for covering expenses for all food and drinks photographed during the shoot.

g) The first half of the payment is due prior to the start of the shoot. The remainder is due when the job has been completed.